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Business Operations Amidst COVID-19

At Active Chiropractic, it is our goal to provide each person with the highest quality care.  We are aware the recent spread of COVID-19 may bring concerns for you and your family.  While we remain open for business at this time (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY), due to the continued concerns over the spread of COVID-19, if you are experiencing cold-like symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, difficulty breathing) or have been in close contact with anyone with these symptoms, please isolate yourself at home to the extent possible to prevent the spread of illness.  Schedule an appointment only AFTER your symptoms have resolved and you are fever-free (without fever reducing medication) for at least 72 hours, or 3 full days.



Adjusting you back to normal

Dr. Noel Fredericksen, has been providing quality chiropractic care since 2016 throughout the Twin Cities.  We care about the satisfaction of our patients and guarantee top of the line chiropractic care to get you back to full health. Visit us today and see how we can help you or your loved ones.

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Active Chiropractic was established in 2019.  Prior to this, Dr. Noel Fredericksen has been serving patients in the Twin Cities area since 2016. Active Chiropractic offers a highly skilled medical professional who deeply values your health and well-being. We take great pride in providing our community with high quality, patient-centric care and health education.

Proactive and preventative measures help keep our community healthier, and we work with that idea in mind. Active Chiropractic has the wellness services you’d like when you’re feeling fine, and the reactive services you need when illness or injury strikes. Come in for a consultation.


Get in touch today and discover our warm and caring environment. Schedule a visit and let us know how we can help.

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Offering affordable care

Initial Exams

Initial examinations are conducted one on one with the doctor to establish your individualized treatment plan.  Adjustment included as part of your initial examination.* We ask that you arrive no later than 1 hour prior to closing to allow for adequate assessment time and treatment.  Initial exams scheduled Monday through Friday.

Individual Adjustments

Did you know?  Chiropractic can adjust almost all joints of the body, not just the neck and back.  Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) offered as optional with each adjustment.**

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM)

IASTM, aka "muscle scraping", is beneficial for individuals experiencing muscle soreness or muscle tightness.  Dr. Noel will work with you to address your specific problem areas.

Adjustment Packages Available

Ask us about savings with packages!  Packages never expire.

We accept Personal Injury (PI) claims and Workers' Compensation claims.

Special rates available for members of the Armed Forces, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Veterans, and qualifying Gold Star family members; proof of service required.

*Adjustments cannot be rendered prior to the review any x-rays deemed necessary.

**EMS offered as optional with each adjustment for at time of service paid visits only.



It is comforting to know that you’re not alone when you need chiropractic attention. Dr. Noel Fredericksen has been successfully serving patients from the greater Twin Cities community since 2016. Our professional staff is here to serve you — get to know them and see what they can do for you.



Doctor of Chiropractic

Skill, passion, and excellence are what Dr. Noel Fredericksen brings to the table. Let Dr. Noel manage your health and wellness.

Dr. Noel was born and raised in the Twin Cities area.  He graduated from Mahtomedi High School in 2007.  He attended Saint Cloud State University from 2007 to 2012, where he majored in Bio-medical.  In 2012, he moved to California to attend Palmer College.  Dr. Noel graduated from Palmer College in March 2016.  At this time, he returned back home to MN and began working as a Chiropractor.  In 2019, he decided to branch out; establishing Active Chiropractic.

In his free time, Dr. Noel enjoys any activity outside, spending time with friends and families, and seeing movies.  He is also a Green Bay Packers and St. Louis Blues fan.


Mon: 9a - 6p by appointment

Tues: Closed

Wed: 9am - 6pm by appointment

Thurs: 1pm - 7pm by appointment

Fri: 9am - 5p by appointment

Every other Sat: 9am - Noon by appointment

Mobile adjustments available by appointment only (must schedule no later than 24 hours in advance, based on availability). Service charge applies.

Sunday and outside of regular business hours by appointment only, based on availability.  Service charge applies.



2097 County Road D E, 1st Floor, Ste. A
Maplewood, MN 55109


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